måndag 1 augusti 2011

Amsterdam haul- INGLOT COSMETICS!

Since Sweden is like the ONLY country in Europe that doesn't have an INGLOT store I had to take the opportunity of going in to the one in Amsterdam. WOW, I was so overwhelmed! I went in like a kid in a candy store not knowing where to start. I was so careful when touching the products in the beginning you could have thought I was handling diamonds! Then when the girl working there gave me the magnitized tray to start picking colours for my palette I got more comfortable and really enjoyed it, haha.

I went fore a 10 piece square shadow palette, a duo square shadow palette, and a gel eyeliner.

Now when picking colours for my 10 piece palette I wanted colours I could use every day, that I could build up, that I could match with almost any other colour, AND that I could use for working with brides.. This is what I came up with:
I went for a lot of mattes cuz it's the most flattering on brides I think =)

Then I went for a duo with 2 blues. I quite often wear blue under my eyes but I haven't had anything to match my pencil eyeliner I use. So I found these guys and MY GOODNESS I fell in love! I also fell in love with a plumish brown gel eyeliner, gorgeous!

Look at that! Such pretty colours.. And the last picture is when I've taken a facial cleanser and a scrub-sponge and tried to get the liner off.. Stayed on  even trough that. Also a tiny bit of the shadow in the right corner stayed on. Pretty amazing i must say =) A review of the shadows and the gel liner will come, ones I've tried them out more =)

 I can't wait until we get a store here in Sweden.. We just MUST get one! I will CRY Otherwise!

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  1. I went on an inglot trip yesterday! Got the gel liner in black and a couple of lippies which I'm loving! Inglot is an amazing brand truly!

  2. Inglot eyeshadows look so pigmented!I must try them!lovely colours you picked hun!!hot!!!


  3. I absolutely ADORE Inglot! We are very lucky to have their stores here in Australia. And aren't the magnetic palettes just great?! You chose beautiful colours, and I especially love the blues! Am thinking of stopping in at my local Inglot store and picking up the very same ones! :)

  4. omg i was in Amsterdam and missed an inglot store!!!! so sad now, great post!

  5. You're not alone! There's no inglot in Portugal either! And their mattes are so popular, that light blue you got is crazy pigmented! If I ever set my foot on Inglot, I'm bringing 371 home XD

  6. I would love to try Inglot! They aren't available in Portugal, like Líria said x)


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