måndag 1 augusti 2011

Back from AMSTERDAM!

Hi everyone! I'm back!
We had such a nice time in Amsterdam me and John (my boyfriend). We both have been to Amsterdam before, but both were teenagers and couldn't really enjoy the city as we could now. The whole energy of the city is awesome, everyone are so friendly and helpful.

The shopping is great- clothes and jewelry is the way to go (and INGLOT of course ^^)
The food is amazing! We went to two steakhouses for dinner. First one was an American one and the second one a Argentinian(is that right?) one. My favorite was the Argentinian one beacause they had a better selection of fish and sea food.

The café's are amazing aswell- we had "brunch" everyday in different cafés. It turned out to be cheaper and so much nicer. I really recommend you sleep an hour or two longer and go out for breakfast/brunch because you really experience the city more when you do so (they love their cafés in Amsterdam). And the shops doesn't open until 11-12 in the morning so you really don't have much to do if you're in the city by 9. Some museums open around 9-10 though so you might wanna have a jumpstart on that. We however chose the "brunch way of life" =)

Now, Amsterdam is known for their amazing art and their museums. We went to the Van Gogh museum beacause we've always loved his work, and we felt he was more important the all the other artists they have on display at Rijksmuseum and so on. It was amazing, they also had som Monet displayed and he's amazing aswell so I really recommend you check it out, even if you're not an art-person (we're not really).

We also went to Anne Frank Museum, a MUST. I'm sure all of you are familiar with the diaries of Anne Frank. She and her family + 1 family + a man went inot hiding in an apartment/attic at her father's spice factory during the german occupasion of the Netherlands. She wrote a diary almost every day about her life and her inner thaughts during hiding. To actually be in her room seeing her posters that she put up to make it more homey and nice is just so humbling and overwhelming. You absolutely MUST go there if you're in Amsterdam. And if you haven't read her diaries, DO!

I could go on and on about the city and how much we love it but I won't. You probably won't even last trough this post haha.. A haul of what I got is coming up so look out for that =)

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